Colorful Products cosmetics research, production, and manufacturing facility offers custom Formulation and Manufacturing of cosmetics, skin care, hair care, men's grooming, OTC, and specialty products in California since 1979.


Colorful Products are formulated by top experts in the field. Our R&D team makes certain that we have a full understanding of the products that not only work the best on different skin types, but also meet the highest standards and expectations of our clients. It is our constant ambition to go above and beyond a merely satisfactory result and create an end product that is truly great. Our extensive ingredient library has been curated to formulate with the most novel, creative and pertinent ingredients on the globe. Our artistic and original approach to everything we manufacture, ensures a stand-out product and creates happy, returning customers. And not just ours. But even more importantly, yours. After all, we only succeed if you do.

Colorful Products Vibrant Results


The heart of Colorful Products is its composition and formulation. We are constantly evolving along with the ever expanding sciences that are the backbone of the products we manufacture. We’d love to show you how we can help you create the most vibrant, exciting, up-to-date product from skincare to hair care and more!


Formulation is at the heart of everything we do at Colorful Products. Product formulation is more than just science. It’s an art that can only be crafted after years of application and ongoing education. Our chemistry staff is the best in the industry. This enables our creativity to be matched only by our scientific expertise and imagination with an end-product that is the best in the business. Our constant focus on the latest trends and technologies allows us to create the most innovative and marketable products for our clients and their brands. Having developed thousands of formulas over the years, you can be assured that Colorful Products will exceed your formulation and product development expectations time after time.


Colorful Products has been offering contract manufacturing services to the cosmetic and beauty industry for 40 years. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational company we are here to help you build and grow your brand. At our facility we specialize in developing and manufacturing a wide array of personal care products.